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MaSha Design Studio - professional web site design, graphic design, web development and maintenance services MaSha Design Studio - professional web site design, graphic design, web development and maintenance services
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Web Site Design

In our opinion, the large part of the web site success depends on the design (exterior view) of the site and its content. However, we do not suggest you to create prodigious design of your web site, we even want to warn you against this, and this is why.

For the majority of people the word "design" is associated with some graphic effects. Therefore, trying to improve their web site design many will try to improve the visible exterior of its site by placing many graphic, flash objects, music files, photographs on web pages. Although the look of the web site might actually change for the best, but there is the reverse side of this coin.

Firstly, a lot of graphics substantially increase the size of web site and its loading times. Not many users are willing to wait more than a minute the load your web page. This will lead to the loss of potential visitors and, depending on your business, customers.
In most cases owners of web sites can not even suspect about this difficulty, since they constantly go to their web sites, and web pages are stored in their computer's cache, which accelerates their load. If you nevertheless want to use a large quantity of graphics or already using them, we advise you to check the downloading times, and maybe optimise desired images, so that your web site loads faster.

Secondly, graphics are not text, and therefore, they are not understood by search engines. This is very important, especially when graphic elements bear semantic load. This means that all text information, which is contained in the form of pictures, not will be seen nor indexed by search engine systems.

Thirdly, graphics can simply fail to load, as not every internet connection is good nor every computer have the same setting. As a result, your visitors will not be able to see web pages of your site correctly.

We believe that attractive web sites can be build and easily promoted without flashy and extensive graphics. You can get very impressive results from playing with the background colour, font size, font type and font colour. The most important is that your web site is user-friendly, intuitive and convenient for the visitors, while design must combine aesthetical satisfaction in itself.

Certainly, large role in this plays a content of the web site. To learn what must be done so that your visitors would not only depart immediately, but also would return to your web site, read in article "about web site content".

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