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Design team of MaSha Design Studio aims to deliver professional graphic design, web site design, domain registration, hosting, web site maintenance, search engine optimisation & submission services at affordable rates.

MaSha Design Studio - professional web site design, graphic design, web development and maintenance services MaSha Design Studio - professional web site design, graphic design, web development and maintenance services
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Web Site Content

Let us think, what people search for on the Internet. We see two basic reasons that people go to the Internet for: entertainment and to find information. And most likely, if you have your web site, it provides one of those. Even if your web site is dedicated to your business, then it also informs and educates people about your product and services, and this information is needed by someone out there. Therefore, if you want your web site to be visited, it has to give people what they're looking for. The content - is a fundamental of any web site, and what success of every web site hugely depends on.

Now you would ask; what is it we have to put on our web site and how do we have to put it, so that people visit our web site and once visited would come for more.

Firstly, and this the main condition, the information that you want to deliver to your visitors, must be useful to them. As far as possible, that information must be unique, and not available elsewhere.

Secondly, aim to cover fully the theme that you dedicate your web site to. Try to specialise, i.e., to give information on some specific subject or a theme. It is better to say a lot about little thing than a little about many different issues. You've got to keep your site highly focused these days, as there are so many good web resources out there that have exceptionally good content on various subjects. View examples >>>

Thirdly, provide clear and logical navigation structure and always give your web site visitors access to a Home page, so that if they get lost there will be a chance for them to get back to the beginning of the web site and start over again. Providing a "Site map" for bigger web sites greatly increases usability and user-friendliness. Smaller web sites will benefit from displaying links on multiple navigation menus to relevant content or different sections of the web site.

Fourthly, correct design and presentation of information on your web site. Try not to make very long articles with big paragraphs, as it is difficult to stay focus reading them. At the same time, please do not break articles into small parts, which require your web site visitors to do a lot of clicking to get from part to part. Try to accommodate entire article on one page so that it would be possible to save and to read it as separate story. Different semantic parts of the article should be presented in separate paragraphs or divided using headings or sub-headings.

Last, keep it up to date. Regular updates and news maintain interest and make visitors come back regularly. There is nothing worse than a website that hasn't been updates for months - it does not project a good image of your company. You want people to visit again knowing they will find something new every time.

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