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Design team of MaSha Design Studio aims to deliver professional graphic design, web site design, domain registration, hosting, web site maintenance, search engine optimisation & submission services at affordable rates.

MaSha Design Studio - professional web site design, graphic design, web development and maintenance services MaSha Design Studio - professional web site design, graphic design, web development and maintenance services
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ARTICLES and FAQ: Web Terminology

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Web Terminology


World Wide Web. The complete set of documents residing on all Internet servers that use the HTTP protocol, accessible to users via a browser using simple point-and-click system. Usually when said "Internet" it is implied precisely WWW.


Hypertext Transport Protocol. Protocol for the transmission of data in WWW.


Hypertext Markup Language. The language, which is used for creating of hyper-text documents, web pages.

Site, website

The collection of the documents in HTML format, graphic and multimedia files connect together according to logic and reference links, accessible via protocol HTTP. Fundamentally, it a collection of interconnected web pages.


Program that allows to view hyper-text documents and navigate inside WWW. Most common MS Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera.

IP address

Internet Protocol. The unique number, which identifies computer on the Internet or local network. It is written in the form of four sets of digits in the range of 0-255, divided between themselves by full stops. For example,

Domain, the domain name

Equivalent of digital IP address. Usually unique name of a web site. It is used to simplify memorisation of Internet addresses. Domain name entered in the browser is automatically transferred into corresponding IP address by the DNS server.

Top-level domain (TLD)

Domain, which lies in DNS hierarchy immediately after the root. For example, in the domain name, the top-level domain is .com. Depending on the country it could be .com, .org, .net, .gov, .us, etc.

Second level domain

Domain, which is located in DNS hierarchy one step lower than the top-level domain. In the domain name, domain mashaphoto is the second level domain.

Third level domain

Domain, which lies in DNS hierarchy one step lower than second level domain. In the domain name, www is the third level domain. In the domain name, direct is also the third level domain.

Zone and Subdomains

Zone is a composition of all subdomains, entering a domain. For example, in domain, you might have various subdomains such as webdesign.mashaphoto, design.mashaphoto, clients.mashaphoto. They indicate that domains,, belong to Zone

DNS server

The server which possesses information on domains and their corresponding IP addresses. There are two types of DNS servers for each domain, Primary and Secondary.

Registration of the domain

The process, where an organisation or a private individual requires an allocation of a domain name from on of the registrars. In case of requested domain being available and if requested party agrees to all terms and conditions imposed by registrar, the later registers a domain.

Re-registration of the domain

Process of extending domain name registration that is usually done once a year or every two years. Re-registration is done by the initial registrar of the domain in question and after the re-registration fee has been paid.
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