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ARTICLES and FAQ: Domain Name Registration

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Domain Name Registration

Before beginning to develop your web site, you must dedicate some time to selecting the right domain name. The domain name of your web site is not just a name or web site address on the Internet, it is a very important part of your web presence. Your selection will have an impact on web site effectiveness, its position on the search engine systems, we site content and users perception of you.

Many Internet Service Providers (ISP), which buy your Internet access from, offer free domain names in the form of or even worse, These domain names have the lowest potential to get listed on the search engine systems. Moreover, they are very difficult to memorise and will change if you move the house or change your ISP. In addition, these types of domain names can tell visitors of your web site one thing: you do not have £10 to purchase a good web domain of your own. Therefore, for the purpose of this article we will not examine this option.

To select a domain for your web site, we advise you to consider the following rules:

Domain must be short. It is becoming increasingly more difficult to select good short domain name. However, if is worth looking for because it is important for several reasons. It is much more easier to fit short domain name to your logo. Short domains are better for creating awareness, easy to memorise and, furthermore, there is less chance of orthographical error happening when our web site address is typed in the browser address bar. Overall, long domain names are inconvenient, if only you are not aiming for your domain to exactly replicate your surname, the name of your company, product or organisation.

Domain must be memorable. You remember such names as and, but you also do not forget such an uncommon names as, and The unexpected combinations of words not only sound amusing, but also are very effective. Rhythmic name as FogDog, rhythmical repetition of consonants as in Google, or such melodious combinations as WilsonWeb make domain name easily memorable. Say your future domain name out loud and listen how it sounds, as it is necessary to verify that your domain name is easily pronounceable. In addition, whatever the name you decide to select, people should be able to associate it with something or it should leave a trace in people's memories. Of course if you already have a well known name or a brand, it will be reasonable and advisable to use it in your domain name.

A good domain cannot be mistaken for any other. After despair of finding a suitable domain name, people usually start using such tricks as hyphens, underscores, replacing of domain extension to .net, adding "the" before the name, for example, These tricks create confusion and loss of visitors. Trademark laws work in ways to avoid similar misunderstandings. If owners of the domain, similar or partly the same as yours, register their trade mark, then you could be under a threat of limiting the use of it or loosing it completely. One more consideration should be paid to how you will tell your domain to people over the phone. After spelling your "" domain for a few times, you might start regretting that you included that "dot" and hyphen in your domain name. We advise to do whatever possible to find the domain name, which could not be mistaken with any other.

It is difficult to make a typo in a correctly selected domain name. If there is even the slightest probability to misspell your domain, the orthographical error will happen. The longer and more complex the domain name is, the more difficult it is for your visitors to enter it without errors. Firstly, many of us a very bad typists; therefore the need of a long search to find a necessary letter on the keyboard simply frightens us. Secondly, registration of a domain with deliberate orthographical errors, which what you might need to do at the later stage, costs money.

A good domain name clearly characterises the nature of your activity. This is completely understandable. It would be great if your domain can easily be derived from the name of your company. However, even if you can not find a domain name describing your activity, please do not cease the search. You can select some functional name, or a domain name that reveals your competitiveness or uniqueness, which transmits the specific relation to your company. For example, for the information agency "Beyond Interactive" a domain was inappropriate, while was too long (despite the fact that it precisely contains the company name). Therefore they selected a domain (to exceed, to carry out anything over the standard), which completely reflects their policy of working with clients.

Select correct top-level domain. If your activities are oriented only to the specific region, it is advisable to select domain for that regional zone. For example, for United Kingdom it would be or, etc. Similarly, if you are oriented toward other specific country, we advise you to select top-level domain name for that region. If you position yourself for the global audience, then select .com, .biz, .org, .net, etc. Some countries will allow to register domains of their jurisdictions only to owners of registered trade marks or companies.

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